We’re an innovation in the Australian men’s health category, a wellness platform offering direct access to prescription and non-prescription self-care treatments.

human at
a time.

Chipper wants to create an end-to-end healthcare experience that’s easily available to men and not as a reactive treatment for problems but part of an everyday self-care routine. We care about creating an experience for every person that’s simple and uncompromised, as health should be.

The stigma around men’s health and the challenge to fix is huge. We believe that’s It’s impossible to solve all the problems all at once, so let’s focus on one human at a time.

At present, our appearance is intrinsically linked to self-worth and mental health. In an ideal world, it wouldn’t be but the reality is that they are for most people. Its balance between the internal and external, one being the catalyst for the other and vice versa. As we do this through bio-individualised treatments we’ll support men’s own growth and importantly their sense of inner contentment.

We’ve launched with an initial focus on hair loss and will expand into mental and sexual health, skincare and beyond.

Enough about us.
It’s time for you.